In society, there has long been believed that with each passing year of sexual power gradually begins to leave the man. If in 70 years the diagnosis of "impotence" has almost no surprise, then erectile dysfunction in a young man of 20 years is fear. Such a young age, impotence seems humiliating and shameful. But often, it should be noted that impotence order brand viagra does not always depend only on the number of years lived, its occurrence may affect a number of factors: heredity, unhealthy lifestyle, unhealthy diet, the presence of background diseases, alcohol abuse, psychological disorders, medication, injury and al.


In 1948 it was carried out large-scale study on the age of impotence. It was attended by 16 000 men. As a result of the study, a quarter of men aged 55-65 years, the symptoms of impotence have been identified. The same figure for the stronger sex under the age of 30 years amounted to only 1%. To date, experts say the deterioration of the gene pool and the "rejuvenation" of impotence. When conducting similar studies in our days the percentage of young people suffering from sexual disorders, would be much higher. Statistics provides several different data, but the average value of the ratio of the age and diagnosis of impotence problems is as follows.

Data are given in terms of reduction of potency relative to its rules in a certain period of life. Statistics takes into account not only the full male impotence, but with first and its manifestations. The researchers also noticed an interesting fact that the age of sexual disorders is different for different countries. For example, in Holland, only 9% of 50-60 year old men complaining of impotence problem, and when approaching the turn of 60-70 years, this percentage increases to 22%. United States show the highest rate of impotence in the world. The number of 70-year-Americans impotence reaches 67% in the interval of 40-70 years - 50%.


Scientific studies confirm that with age in men there are changes of the penis, which slowly leads to impotence. Erection (increase the length and thickness of the penis during excitation) is achieved due to the collagen and elastic fibers. These tissues gradually changed over the years and lose their properties. Causes of impotence in men over 40 years and also due to the fact that over time and decreases the degree of elasticity of the tunica albuginea. When the level of collagen decreases, there is a venous leak and decreases the level of blood in the veins cross-groin. This is the main cause of ischemia and destruction of the corpus cavernosum smooth muscle cells. The amount of smooth muscle cells in elderly men is approximately 35%. The causes ischemia corpus cavernosum also include reducing the frequency and duration of nocturnal erections.