Antidepressants Elavil

Anti-depressants - are drugs that facilitate or prevent depression. Prior to the discovery of antidepressants to treat depression actively used substances that have stimulating effect, can cause a state of euphoria (opium and other opiates, caffeine, ginseng). To reduce the anxiety and irritability used valerian, also used a bromine salt. But the real revolution in the psychopharmacology of antidepressants was the discovery in the early 50s. Since then, for over half a century, these drugs are a key tool to combat depression. Despite the fact that the era of antidepressant drugs buy elavil online has begun recently, it already has its own "creation myths".

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, researchers have been experimenting with different substances trying to synthesize the drug to ease the symptoms of depression, but all the experiments ended in failure. The first antidepressant was "discovered" in 1957 by accident, when doctors noticed the effect of the drug iproniazid, which was used for the combined treatment of tuberculosis. In addition to the main effect of the drug, and it was marked by a side that was to an unusual increase in mood in patients with tuberculosis. Soon the drug began to be used to relieve symptoms of depression, the more so as a remedy for tuberculosis, the drug has not justified itself.

According to another version of the drug action is opened Nathan Kline, and its opening was also more than random - he tried to help the drug to prove the theory of the location of "ego". During psychoanalytical sessions, Klein noted that some patients, which he gave the drug, suddenly ceased to worry about problems over which they have worked. Iproniazid was put on the market, but it soon turned out that it increases the risk of jaundice disease, and sale of the drug was stopped.

At the same time, Germany was opened by Ronald Kuhn imipromin. Kuhn gave his patients a variety of drugs, in order to build on their responses the global classification of mental diseases, which German psychiatrists of that time were obsessed. As in previous cases, the drug was "discovered" when was the rising mood of the patients. Unlike iproniazid, imipromin still included in the list of WHO official preparations before Prozac was the best-selling antidepressant.

When opened the first antidepressants, nobody could have imagined that just a few decades of antidepressant therapy virtually displace other species in the treatment of depression, and the results of a survey conducted at the end of the 20th century in the United States, the greatest discovery of the past century will be recognized is not the theory of relativity and not the Internet, but a small capsule of Prozac.

Antidepressants - domestic issues

In an environment of "normal" people are of the opinion that "antidepressants are very harmful," "from them can go crazy," "get used to them for life," and so on. D. Is this true? Of course, smoke without fire, but the fire - this is the cost of Soviet psychiatry, when potent means "just in case" prescribed in high doses with the corresponding results. In the rest of the world related to the drugs completely different. To date, approximately 65 percent of the US population takes psychotropic drugs (especially antidepressants and tranquilizers).

There is a stereotype that the use of antidepressants - a manifestation of weakness of character. But at the same time, people who are suffering from other diseases, such as hypertension or arthritis take medication during periods of exacerbations and is considered normal. For example, aspirin can cure arthritis, but it can relieve pain in the joints and thereby alleviate the physical suffering of the patient. Unfortunately, in our society, there is still a stereotype that depression - is a weakness, nesobrannost, and few realize that depression - it is the same disease that requires treatment. Yes antidepressants may not always eliminate the depression, but they can reduce the pain. Not physical, but mental.

For many, an important issue is addiction to antidepressants. It would not claim the body, and after the release of the next portion of the depression pills for joy? You can respond more clearly than - the drugs used to date for the treatment of depression are not addictive, regardless of the duration of treatment. They only help the body to restore the mechanisms that have been violated by depression.

Those people whose work is connected with the work, often concerned about the issue, did not violate whether receiving antidepressants processes that are responsible for creativity? In most cases, depression is not the best way affects the work of, and often makes it impossible. Antidepressants can restore the broken inner world and return inherent human ability to create, as most conducive to creativity is still mental health.

The task of the psychiatrist - to choose the right products. Only half of patients have improved after the first course of therapy so that the selection of drugs can be called by trial and error. The doctor may prescribe some drugs before finds most effective. In many clinics practiced writing out free drugs to persons who are made in the psychiatric account. Since the cost of the latest generation of drugs could reach $ 50-100, and they can prescribe several kinds, imagine how much it might cost. Though - they say that over the past 30 years, nothing is better and stronger than the good old amiltriptilena never been invented. New drugs differ mainly contraindications (them - much less) and the price (it is - is significantly higher).

The drug is not immediately - usually between the start time of reception and the emergence of a positive effect takes at least 2-3 weeks, although in some cases positive mood changes can occur after only one week. For some, drugs are a panacea, and the man who for months unsuccessfully trying to get out of depression, comes to life right before your eyes. Some people are able to remove only some depressive symptoms. But there are people, it has no effect on which drug therapy. Do not rush to identify themselves in the latter category - all very individual, and in some cases, stable results can only come in a few months.

Often drugs administered together with other treatments. Antidepressants are often not able to fill the inner world of light and completely get rid of depressed feelings, but they are able to give at least some sense of stability, ease the symptoms of depression.

Another important point - this is the name of the drug. For example fluoxetine, which is by far the most popular drug in America, and in Europe, nearly 20 pharmaceutical companies represented on the Russian market. This means that one and the same preparation 20 is sold under different names. And if simply written in the recipe "fluoxetine", we have to focus on the ratio of "price / quality." The cheapest are the Russian and Indian products, but they often have a lot of side effects. Drugs manufactured by Western pharmacists, more expensive, but side effects are not as pronounced.

In practice, I have met with many people who are not the first to suffer from depression, and often severe, but never took a course of treatment with antidepressants. In many of them there is a stereotype that "is kind of like holding on without drugs - can consider themselves normal, and is just the beginning ..." And what would happen next? Look at what is already going on with your life. Again - drugs are not addictive, and you can always stop treatment even if you sit on the preparations for many years, without damage to health. Often, it is the depression does not use any technique in this section, because in order to try something, we need power and a sense of stability, and depression all it takes. Preparations are able to give the necessary basis, change your attitude, ease depression, and then, already taking drugs, you can go jogging, go to a therapist, practicing sleep deprivation and do much more. I myself have taken antidepressants for years, and they have played an important role in the treatment of my depression, and after only a few years, when I was able to deal with depression and its symptoms become significantly weaker, I just stopped taking them. You see? Just.