The occurrence of complications with concentration and concentration, as well as the appearance of neurobehavioral disorders indicate disease, "Attention Deficit Disorder" or abbreviated ADD. Susceptible to disease, especially children, but does not exclude the disease manifestation in adults. Problems of the disease buy adderall online characterized by varying degrees of severity, so the CDC can not be underestimated. The disease affects the quality of life, its susceptibility, as well as relationships with other people. The disease is quite complex, so patients have problems with learning, performing any work and the development of theoretical material.

That kind kids become hostages of this disease, therefore, to prevent such a failure is to learn about it as much as possible, and what will this material.

Symptoms of the disease

Symptoms are pronounced manifestation of it in children, so consider the basic signs of attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity in children.

Most often the impetus for treatment in medical centers become educators, teachers and educators who show some deviations in children.

Disturbed concentration and attention. The child can not concentrate on one thing, he always goes somewhere, thinking about something his. Perform any task ends with errors, caused by attention deficit disorder. If a child to handle, there is a sense of ignoring the speech, he understands everything, but can not muster the heard it in one piece. Children with disorders of attention completely unable to plan, organize and perform various tasks.

Symptoms can also be expressed as a distraction while the child tend to lose their things, distracted by any detail. It appears forgetfulness and undertake the implementation of mental cases a child is categorically refuses. Relatives of a feeling of remoteness of the child from all over the world.

Symptoms in children of different ages

At preschool age from three to seven years to track the symptoms it is difficult. ADHD is diagnosed at an early age the doctor.

From the age of three caring parents may notice a manifestation of hyperactivity in a child's permanent movement. He can not find something to do, constantly rushing from one corner to another, is not taken for the implementation of various mental tasks and constantly talking. Impulsivity symptoms are caused by the inability to deter themselves in this or that situation, the child is constantly interrupting the parents, their shouts, offended and even ceases irritable.

Games with such children lead to devastating consequences: they break toys, splashing all his energy; for them is worth nothing to harm their peers and even older children. Patients with ADHD are a kind of vandalism, for which there is nothing substantial. Their brain has little control of their movements. Also inherent lag in the development of symptoms from their peers.

Reaching the age of seven, when it comes time to go to school, children with ADHD problems are increasing more and more. Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are not able to do well for their peers in terms of mental development. In class they behave without restraint, pay no attention to the teacher comments, and do not listen to the stated material. They can be made for the job, but after some time actively switched to another without finishing first.

At school age, ADHD in children manifests itself more clearly, as it is seen to actively teaching staff. Among all the children in the class of ADHD patients are seen even with the naked eye, to spend a couple of lessons enough, and detect the presence of the syndrome in children is not difficult, even a person without medical training.

Children are not only lagging behind in development, but also by all means try to incite their peers to this: they disrupt classes, interfere do anything to his classmates, as well as later in life can argue and even snap with the teacher. For the teacher in the class of such a child it is a real challenge, due to which the conduct of lessons becomes unbearable.