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Arthritis - is an inflammatory disease of a joint. With arthritis, you will feel pain in the joints, especially when walking. Sometimes the skin, located on painful joints, begins to redden and there is a fever.

If one joint is inflamed, the disease is called monoarthritis, and if several joints are involved in the process, then - polyarthritis. If you do not treat the disease, you will be amazed by all joint tissues: cartilage and, and its shell. The disease can occur suddenly, in this case, doctors say about acute arthritis prednisone dosage for poison ivyand evolve over time, progressing slowly (chronic arthritis).

Referring to the statistics, the risk group includes everyone who turned 65 years abroad. Among seniors, the number of people suffering from this disease is about 60%. Doctors say that this figure could be increased if each patient is presented to them their complaints rather than trying to treat the disease alone. But do not think that arthritis - a disease exclusively senile. It can affect people at a younger age, and even children. It all depends on the causes of pathological changes in the joints.

It is estimated that around the world millions of people suffer from the symptoms of arthritis, and according to recent research, this number increases every year. Some experts say that those or other symptoms of the disease, will face every third inhabitant of the planet.

Arthritis Symptoms

Reactive arthritis is characterized by weakness and malaise. Since the disease manifests itself at an early stage. Sometimes, there are headaches, and body temperature can reach 38 degrees. Distinguish reactive arthritis can be the characteristic feature - leg joints are affected asymmetrically, and this occurs after disappearing for non-specific signs of the disease. At the same time may appear symptoms of inflammation of the urogenital system (burning sensation during urination) and conjunctivitis.

Rheumatoid arthritis is manifested in the fact that the joints are affected symmetrically. They become swollen and inflamed. The pain will intensify at night, closer to awakening. In the afternoon, it almost completely disappears. In the early development of the disease people often saved from unpleasant feelings by performing the exercise. The more the disease progresses, the less efficient becomes the method. After the strike the small joints of arthritis, it will go to large, will form specific nodes. They are represented by small dense formations localized at the site of the joints bend. Throughout the illness the person will experience malaise, poor appetite, weakness. In periods of exacerbation there is an increase in body temperature. Sometimes joined by symptoms such as numbness in arms and legs, pain in the chest during breathing, inflammation of the salivary glands, as well as photophobia, and pain in the eyes.

Infectious arthritis is acute onset of typical signs of intoxication. The body temperature rises to higher values, accompanied by chills, headache and muscle pain. Sometimes you may experience nausea, followed by vomiting, but this feature is often characteristic of young children. The joint, which is struck by illness, swells, its shape changes. The pain is worse when driving, may radiate to the next location of the site. Man tries to take that position in which it is easier to tolerate discomfort. The skin is heated around the place where the diseased joint. If people of retirement age symptoms are blurred, the children they appear brighter. The disease develops rapidly.

Gouty attack a person finds more often in the night. To give impetus to the disease may or eating large amounts of meat or alcohol. In most cases, infestation first joint of the thumb is located on the leg. But sometimes the disease affects the knee or elbow. To inflammation site can not be touched, as a person experiences severe pain, which is accompanied by swelling and redness of the skin. Body temperature remains normal, the episode has passed as suddenly as it had begun. The total period of the disease - a few days.

Psoriatic arthritis, it will disturb the following symptoms: a gradual progression of the disease, swelling at the site of injury, local temperature rise. In skin and scalp spots appear, they are red, delivered in the form of a man uncomfortable itching and flaking. Just parallel affected nail plates, they begin to split. To suffer from this type of arthritis can be any joint, but more often affected fingers. At the same time, they thicken and resemble sausages. The pain in the early stages of the disease does not occur, and if it is present, in the morning hours.

Osteoarthritis is manifested in the fact that the joints begin to ache gradually as the disease progresses. Also characteristic feature is the crunch. It affects both the joints of limbs and spine.

Traumatic arthritis develops osteoarthritis type. The symptoms are the same - is pain, swelling and crunch in the place where the inflammatory process has begun.