better than sex

How to make your partner better in bed

Someone once said that sex is like pizza - even when he's really bad, it's still very good. Nevertheless, those of us who have had bad sex, know that it is a different story. Indeed, in some cases, only one case of failure of sex erectial disfunction can ruin a relationship!

Of course, sex is not always the fireworks of feelings and emotions of joy. Even the happiest couples experiencing gloomy periods in the sexual life from time to time. But if you regularly happens bad sex with your partner, then - something really wrong! Satisfaction from sexual activity - it is the right of every adult, so if your partner in sex is poor, you need to take action.

Here are three tips to help you embark on a passionate and exciting sex:

1) The first step is to find out why you and your partner do not get pleasure in the bedroom. if he misses a prelude? Whether it is passive and bored during intercourse? These are delicate topics, but rest assured, they can be solved. Do it with respect and sensitivity. Try to express their dissatisfaction in a compliment, like, "I thought about how to make love to you all day. Let's start with foreplay before the deal with that. " Or, "I love it when you express your pleasure during sex. It really turns me on. " Most couples want people to like each other in the bedroom, and as soon as they hear that you really like that happens, and it gets them!

2) Unfortunately, when people feel that their partner loses interest and moves away from sex, they also begin to move away and lose interest in him. However, once that happens, sexual life is doomed to failure! If you want your partner to be a professional in the bedroom, you yourself must become one. Try a new position, to realize their fantasies in sex and erotic look together. If you want to raise the temperature in your sex life, you yourself must be the one who lifts it!

3) Most of us have received sexual expectations from the media. Whether it is Cosmopolitan, romantic comedy, or a movie for adults, we all have certain expectations of what "should" happen in the bedroom. Unfortunately, the media is rarely realistic when it comes to sex. Sex does not always involve hours of foreplay, champagne drinking, etc. Sometimes it can occur in the morning, while the kids are still asleep, sometimes it happens when the house is a mess, and your legs are not shaved, etc. In any case, it is time to dismiss the ideal image of how we feel, "should" have sex. And as soon as you throw off the shackles of expectations, you can begin to create their own version of a great sex life!