Breathing problems

Breathing problems may occur during inhalation, exhalation or shortness of breath. A similar problem faced by people, not only at the time of any disease, but also perfectly healthy. Heavy breathing can occur as a result of conducting a sedentary lifestyle, bad genetics, because of the excess weight, frequent colds, accompanied by inflammatory processes in the lung and because of psychosomatic disorders. During normal breathing healthy ventolin hfa aer person makes 15-16 breaths per minute. That's enough to tissues and organs receive the necessary amount of oxygen. If the oxygen produced by the human body, is not enough, there is panting.

1. Intense physical exertion. When physical activity muscles need lots of oxygen, and the organs of the respiratory system to work with greater intensity.

2. Chronic fatigue. When fatigue may be a disease, such as anemia - a lack of oxygen in the blood.

3. Stress and nervous condition. With great excitement and experiences may airway spasm that prevents proper breathing and violates the access of oxygen into the body.

4. Vascular brain cramps. This disorder can be caused by a severe headache.

5. Bronchial asthma. In this disease there is bronchospasm and mucosal edema due to exposure to different allergens.

6. Lung disease. Failure of the main body of the respiratory system is one of the main causes of heavy breathing.

7. Heart failure. Abnormalities in the cardiovascular system may cause a lack of oxygen in the blood.

It happens that there is shortness of breath at rest. In this case diagnosis is required to determine the cause. As a rule, a doctor appointed by the heavy breathing holding an electrocardiogram of the heart, chest x-ray and pulmonary function pulmonology research. If breathing problems occur for no apparent physiological reasons, perhaps the reason they needed psychological and psychiatric counseling.

The cause heavy breathing - lungs. to them should do the oxygen in sufficient quantities for the normal functioning of organs and tissues. He delivered it from the lungs, which enters the respiratory tract. In severe breathing lungs can not cope with the saturation of blood oxygen. This occurs because of damage to large areas of the lung tissue. The main causes of these injuries are different respiratory and infectious diseases, such as pneumonia or cryptococcosis. respiratory system work is violated if the sick part of the lung is removed or destroyed due to benign or malignant tumors.

The cause heavy breathing - cough. The cough is often caused by heavy breathing and appears in most diseases of the respiratory system. If breathing is difficult laryngeal receptors irritation and mucosa, causing the muscles spontaneously contract, and an accelerated exhaling through the mouth. Cough body tries to clean up the respiratory tract obstruction.

The cause heavy breathing - heart. Breathing problems can arise due to a malfunction of the cardiovascular system and because of circulatory disorders. In diseases of the heart, such as coronary heart disease or a heart attack, the heart muscle is weakened and can not provide the required amount of tissue and organs with blood, oxygenated. Another cause heart problems and heavy breathing could be anemia. Lack erythrocytes affects the amount of oxygen in the blood. Serious injury blood supply system and the heart are some of the causes shortness of breath and heart rhythm abnormalities.