Diet for diabetes

Diet for type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is the cause of the increased risk of stroke, heart attack, heart disease and other vascular diseases; provokes circulatory problems and the emergence of numbness in the limbs, kidney and eye disease

As the experience and practice, the time spent treatment, the use of diet, to avoid a lot of dangers and live a long and happy life of the common man.

It would seem that could be easier - exclude from the diet all the products that trigger an increase in blood sugar levels, and all diabetes will not develop and create problems. But the problem is that such starvation diets are not able to withstand not that sick people with diabetes, but it is not healthy and capable. All you need to do - is to keep the menu and diet, carefully record all the results in your diary, and according to information received, the correct diet, the number of products.

The diet in type 2 diabetes - it is not the same measure that you can temporarily use it your whole future life and how you are willing to adhere to all the rules of diet, and will depend on the quality and duration of life.

Basic principles and rules of dieting in type 2 diabetes

The most important rule - strict adherence to the menu and diet, and only in this case you can avoid complications, get effective results.

As statistics says - nearly eighty percent of diabetics with the second type - this is obese, so the diet should be low-calorie to the patient's weight quickly stabilized and returned to normal.

The second rule - to prevent high blood sugar after a meal, in other words, patients must avoid the appearance of postprandial hyperglycemia.

When a person suffering from diabetes, takes himself in hand and lose weight, it not only achieves the main goal - to reduce blood sugar levels, but also reduces cholesterol indicators, normalizes blood pressure.

Important: Patients with type 2 diabetes should eat small meals 5-6 times a day, allowing you to defeat hunger, stabilize blood sugar levels. Reduces the risk of hypoglycemia. At the same time, the patient can eat three times a day to get the same positive results, but it all depends on the individual patient's diabetes.

If diabetics do not have excessive body weight, limit yourself to calorie food is not worth it, just need to strictly observe the blood sugar is normal - practiced split meals and avoiding ingestion of simple carbohydrates.