Dining with diabetes

Clinical nutrition in diabetes

Diabetes mellitus has two types of the disease: the first type is called insulin, and type II diabetes - insulin dependent. For any form of the disease need to strictly chosen diet in diabetes, the ability to normalize metabolic process in the body. Doctors believe that healthy food can be diabeta.A prevention for those who are already suffering from the disease - to use drugs sitagliptin 25 mg.

Clinical nutrition in diabetes (often called "diet 9"), usually appointed by the attending physician and takes into account all the features of the disease, such as the type and severity of diabetes. And the diet in diabetes is made individually. Of course, the diagnosis "diabetes" does not mean that from now on the menu will consist of a dull and monotonous food, because in fact the power of diabetes may include interesting and delicious dishes. The main thing to observe certain principles, for example, must be removed from the diet of fried, spicy, salty and smoked dishes. Forget about canned food, mustard and alcoholic beverages.

Probably no one will discover that nutrition in diabetes minimizes the use of sugar. In severe forms of diabetes, sugar is recommended to completely eliminate from the diet. But for mild or moderate diabetes, allowed a small amount of sugar-containing products, but only if continuous monitoring of glucose levels in the body.

Recent studies have shown that the progression of diabetes has increased a great influence in fat. Therefore, for patients with diabetes diet should control and limit intake of fatty foods, not less strict than the use of different sweets. Dining with diabetes should be fractional. Should eat 5 times a day. Such power mode allows to influence the level of insulin and glucose in blood. Main meals is breakfast - lunch - dinner should be roughly equal to the number of calories and carbohydrates.

The diet in type 2 diabetes

The main reason for the second form of diabetes is obesity and overeating. When treating diabetes mellitus of the type known as non-insulin dependent type, the main objective is to stabilize the carbohydrate metabolism. The diet in type 2 diabetes and daily physical activity contribute to the growth of the sensitivity of cells to insulin.

The diet in type 2 diabetes for a person overweight, and patients usually this type of diabetes are overweight, compiled endocrinologist on an individual basis. When compiling a diet taking into account age, gender and physical activity. Diet for type 2 diabetes is aimed at weight reduction. For each patient is calculated daily required amount of calories. Per kilogram of body weight for 20 calories for women and 25 calories for men. For example, a woman weighing 70 kg of daily intake of calories is equal to 1400.

A man with a diagnosis of diabetes are dieting constantly. Therefore, it is necessary to make so that the diet was delicious and varied. At the same time, it is necessary to limit the consumption of energy-dense foods and foods that increase blood glucose. Diet for diabetes should include products in which a lot of fiber and water.

Diet "Table number 9" in diabetes

Diet "Table number 9" (aka "Diet 9 ') in diabetes is intended for people with diabetes mild and moderate forms of diabetes. Doctors - Nutritionists offering a special food system which is the basis for all patients with diabetes. Diet 9 helps determine the maximum permitted amount of carbohydrates that will be optimal for every person with diabetes. In the case of type 2 diabetes, diet 9 can be used on a regular daily basis over a long time.

9 Diet is a diet with a low energy value. According to the principle of the diet recommended by the normal consumption of protein, fats and limit significant restriction of carbohydrates. It is excluded from the diet sugar, salt and cholesterol.