Fibonacci Strategy

Often there are players who quite sincerely believe that the loss of a certain number on the roulette as any associated with numbers that have won before. These people are trying to build their game strategy roulette online game, based on various mathematical operations with the previously winning number.

One of the most popular systems of this kind is based on the sequence Fibanachchi, inventor and mathematician of the 13th century. His sequence of Leonardo Pisano (Fibanachchi) applied research relating to wildlife, biology and natural sciences.

Many practitioners are not even aware that they use the system as mysterious to build their game. Nevertheless, it is quite popular. But the use of this method in the game of roulette is akin to guesswork or the use of a shaman drum.

Fibonacci sequence - a mathematical series in which each successive number is the sum of the previous two. According to some, if we apply a similar relationship to the calculation of the future of the winning number on the roulette table, you can win.

As an example, consider the following situation. The dealer throws the ball, the previous number 1, falls 5. Player does not produce complex mathematical operations and puts 6, waiting for victory. This is a standard logic error when the conclusion follows from the wrong assumption.

At the roulette ball has no memory and no power other than the centrifugal force and gravity, do not act on it. Therefore, trying to find the mythical link next to the previous numbers, the player simply wasting time. The probability of any number on the roulette table is always the same and is equal to 1/37.

Many will say: Why, that's the same on the scoreboard clearly shows that after 17 fell 5, and then 22, is not proof. It would be possible to prevent such a statement, if, after successive loss 17 and 5 has always been 22. It's not just a coincidence, but instead of 22 just as likely the ball will fall in any other hole. Moreover, if there is any statistics on the systematic repetition of the loss of certain numbers, you should seriously think about whether to play in a casino. Because other than fraud organizers of games such dependence can not be explained.

Roulette - a game of luck, must not be approached from the point of view of exact calculation. The only calculations that will be very useful - determination of the amount of rates and amounts. Also, very profitable, there are a variety of bonus programs and drawings, which allow to level the house edge in this game.

Roulette - gambling game for people who are accustomed to risk without regard to logic. Resting at the casino for roulette table can be great time to relax and let his head. Do not waste time trying to use strategies that are already burned millions of players. Just relax and let good luck to you in all things.