Influence bodybuilding potency

Sport and potency - related concepts, but there is a widespread belief that bodybuilding lead to serious problems with erectile dysfunction, up to its complete disappearance. However, the problem is not solved so simple. Bodybuilding, like most sports, can have a positive effect on men's health buy viagra online canada. First of all, it is necessary to clarify that there are two kinds of bodybuilding: natural and unnatural. The difference is that in the former case builder does not use any synthetic steroids and other food additives. As a rule, men do natural bodybuilding "for himself", not to take part in competitions


The positive effects on the body has only natural bodybuilding

The physiological aspect. Like most active sports classes with weighting activate the cardiovascular system, have a general revitalizing effect and activates the secretion of testosterone, which is responsible for the sexual power of men. During studies of the hormone level increases several times and gradually returns to normal within a few hours. This increased level of testosterone is the reason for increasing libido after school. There are several elements of the training complex, which directly affect the potency. It lunges forward and side squats and leg presses on a special simulator. These exercises increase blood flow to the pelvic organs, which is necessary for the prevention and treatment of impotence, and many other diseases.

The psychological aspect. Do not underestimate the psychological factor. The result is a beautiful lesson and muscular body that attracts the attention of the opposite sex, and promotes male self-esteem. So, leaving many complexes and psychological problems, which are very often become causes of erectile problems.


The negative effects of bodybuilding on men's health has two causes.

Excessive load. The damage to health and can cause natural bodybuilding. This occurs when a man chooses the serious intensity of exercise training program. Typically, this problem occurs among professional bodybuilders. Overloading testosterone levels drop, the body is experiencing constant fatigue and stress. Normal operation of the reproductive system, as a rule, is restored after an interruption in employment. Sometimes you need to see a specialist and get treatment of premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, or others.

Receiving steroids. Accompanied by non-natural bodybuilding steroids, which include synthetic testosterone needed for rapid muscle growth. Chronic administration of drugs body decides that getting enough from the outside and reduces testosterone secretion, and then completely ceases its produce. As a result, there are problems with erection and the need to use drugs to improve potency.