Insomnia what to do?

At insomnia has many forms - some wake up several times a night, while others - for no apparent reason can not get to sleep until dawn, sleeping fitfully and wake up long before the alarm clock.

Because of what the dream is broken?

The main culprits of insomnia read stress, "chronic fatigue" and depression. To get rid of insomnia, you first need to establish a rhythm of life - cease to work 10-12 hours, do not take work home regularly relax (and on weekends and holidays), solve problems, and if you can not - change their attitude to him and thus reduce stress.

Insomnia can be short-term, for example, when a person suffers and does not give to relax the unfinished business of the day, anxiety, worries and unresolved questions.

If insomnia in your life - the phenomenon is not permanent, you should understand the causes of internal unrest and all grievances, concerns and experiences out of my mind for the sake of peaceful sleep.

Also on the list of enemies of good sleep - alcohol, tobacco and birth control pills, some of them break down in the body of vitamin B, which is why sleep is disturbed.

What to do?

1. Sleep at least 8 hours! It is the number considered optimal for maintaining youth, beauty and health, both physical and mental. And do not count on the weekend, when "you can sleep." The first two days it is impossible to compensate for the lack of sleep week, and secondly, in the crucial night of Sunday to Monday, you can not sleep properly because bewildered sprinkling body can not relax.

2. Waking up at the right time. Scientists have found that if a person wake up during REM sleep, it will be harder to adapt to the active daily life, and it will be a day listless and tired. But the revival of the fast phase, similar to wakefulness, pass easily, even if you sleep less than usual. Calculate at what time you need to set an alarm clock, not so difficult. According to scientists, a complete sleep cycle lasts for half an hour: it starts with a slow phase and ends quickly. It remains only to calculate your schedule. Let's say you go to bed about twelve, then, the first REM sleep comes to an end at 1:30, the next - 3 nights, then - at 4:30, and so on until the morning. That is, the Service should be set for 7:30 or 9:00.

3. Sports - only 6 hours before bedtime. Physical activity excites the nervous system and interferes with normal rest, therefore, not to reduce the time of a night's rest, you need to complete all the training no later than 6 hours before bedtime. And try not to neglect the morning exercises.

4. Correct evening snack. The correct menu in the evening time of day should consist of carbohydrates soothing, and oddly enough, it rolls, cakes and porridge - they are considered the best sleeping pills. Eat can be a little bit - the main thing is not to overdo and do not harm the figure! And losing weight can drink a little yogurt or cottage cheese to eat.

5. The refusal of the TV in favor of the book. Viewing the TV before bedtime, or any of the film - the worst thing that can make a person suffering from insomnia. You should never look at the night thrillers, action, horror and science fiction. In the black list and get tearful melodramas and funny romantic comedy. Though they do not frighten, excite the imagination but no less horror. If you want to relax - read, but the book should choose quiet.

6. Fragrant herbal bath. If you take a bath before going to bed, and even add to it a herbal decoction - is a dream come quickly, be strong and pleasant. Taking a bath is recommended that an hour after dinner. Temperature - 37-38 degrees. Use for soothing herbal bath is best at 50 g infusion of marigold, lemon balm, oregano. Take a bath is not recommended for more than 20 minutes. By the way, and no additives Bath - a great tool for relaxation and stress relief.

7. Pillow with herbs. It is best done individually, according to their own tastes - inhale the aroma should you like. Stuff a pillow can be crushed knobs of hops, chamomile, pine needles, hazel - these plants contain essential oils which when inhaled soothe and lull. Himself a bag of herbs, you can put as around the head and under the pillow.

8. Tea dill. Dill has many useful properties, among them - and the struggle with insomnia. Tea Recipe: Pour 1 tbsp. l. chopped herbs boiled water and infuse for about two hours. If no fresh dill, 2 hours can be used. L. crushed seeds. You need to drink half a cup 3 times a day before meals and 1 cup at night.