Leg cramps

Cramps are called unmanaged reduce muscular system, which is often accompanied by pain. The muscle in the convulsive state becomes dense and solid, may also change its shape, there is twitching. If the attack is strong, muscle pain often persists for several days. For the first time confronted with the inexplicable pain, a person often feels fear: what to do, the pain does not happen again. Some people familiar with seizures since childhood, someone found with side effects of keppra in dogs this disease in adolescence or even adulthood, often they bother pregnant. At any age, you need to get rid of them - they significantly impair quality of life.


Hypothermia. A common cause of painful muscle contractions, convulsions and occur only in the cooling period: swimming in cold water. This phenomenon - not a sign of disease, and it happens not very often.

Prolonged stay in an uncomfortable position. Thus there is a clamping muscle nerve in the muscle channel. In such a situation immediately change position in the convenient, relaxing the muscle groups that "stiff" and carry a light, but kneading massage.

An overabundance of caffeine and nicotine. Characteristically muscle twitching in the case of smokers and lovers of strong coffee and frequent consumption. This reason is easy to fix - just quit and replace coffee with tea or other beverages.


Consider the most common type of seizures of the whole body - the disease epilepsy. The main manifestation of the - epileptic seizure, the clinical symptoms which is very specific: for a moment before the attack, the patient feels the change in the perception of taste, sound, aroma. Usually, one person before each attack the same feeling at the start of what is judged epilepsy. Immediately the patient has a strong tension muscles of the body, whereupon the muscles contract limb felt regularly and tremors in the body. The attack may be accompanied by transient cessation of breathing process. After the seizure the patient usually falls asleep and then could not remember what happened to him.


Treatment should begin as soon as possible to stop the progression of the disease and changes in the psyche. After the first symptoms to pass electroencephalography and establishing clusters of nerve cells is assigned to a treatment that is carried out for a long time. Preparations canceled after two or three years of use - only you can say about a complete cure.

It is clear that muscle spasm can occur anywhere on the human body where muscle fibers are present, but if the leg cramps once in my life experienced each person, some only occur due to certain, usually unpleasant circumstances. Meanwhile, people's attitude to the signals sent by the body through the individual tissues, is ambiguous:

Comparatively rarely encountered lockjaw - spasms of the masticatory muscles, the beginning of which gives the irritation of the trigeminal nerve in epilepsy, tetanus, meningitis, tumors, no doubt, belongs to the terrible symptoms;

Blepharospasm when cut orbicularis oculi muscle as a result of the defeat of the organ of vision, nasal or because of dental disease, noted as a symptom of these diseases, but a nervous tic (twitching eyelid), appearing occasionally in sensitive people perceive as transitory harmless phenomenon;

It is not often associated with the disease and other nervous tics, hiccups, involuntary twitching of muscles of the neck, arms, back, and it's also muscle cramps, which are usually not accompanied by pain, and occur most often due to a lack of magnesium in the body.

It should be noted that short-jerking, do not bring so much suffering, it is also an option described pathology. Just occur they are easier and people often do not attach much importance to them, but in vain - they can be a signal that something in the body.