Hydrotherapy treatments are useful not only to maintain the overall tone of the body, but they also have a positive effect on male sexual health. There are several methods that effectively treat the problems with potency buy cialis brand online usa.

Common bath. These simple procedures contribute to the relaxation of the body, relieve nervous tension. The bath is better to accept in silence, with subdued light, under his head to put a special pillow. Scented candles, oil, salt will be a nice addition. Neutral bath (water temperature 33-36 ° C) may be administered for 10-20 minutes, the hot bath (41-43 ° C) less. After a hot bath is good to take a cold shower.

Sitz baths. Violations of erectile dysfunction and prostate treated with sitz baths. They are indicated for daily use. Sitz baths help to improve blood circulation in the abdominal and pelvic areas, the removal of toxins from the body. This procedure is necessary to put in the bath basin, pour it in warm water and put on top of the board, serving as seats. Comfortably on the seat you are ready to rinse the groin and anus with water. In this intimate area should be rubbed a washcloth or mitten bathhouse.

Cold and hot shower. This procedure can be carried out not only in the morning, and at any time. Douches a positive effect on the circulatory and nervous systems, metabolism, exerts a tonic and invigorating action, reduces fatigue, improves immunity. At the regular conduct of the procedure, you can forget about the pills not only to increase potency, but all colds. Start douche better to rinse the entire body with warm water. Then, starting with the legs, you need to gradually work on different parts of the body alternately warm, then cold water.

Rubdown. This procedure stimulates circulation and heat exchange in the internal organs, including the pelvis. Wiping is best done in the morning and before bedtime. In this case, the room should be a comfortable temperature and the absence of drafts. Wiping using plain sponge, which is wetted with cold water. She had to wipe the whole body.

The positive effect of water treatment on male potentsiyuGoryachie compresses. Hot compresses are very effective in chronic prostatitis. For the procedure you need to take a piece of cloth soaked in hot water.

Turpentine baths. Procedure uluchaet thermoregulation and blood circulation in the small blood vessels (capillaries), and this in turn contributes to the stimulation of spermatogenesis process. This is an excellent tool to combat the prostatitis and complicated infertility. For taking turpentine baths necessary to dissolve a small amount of turpentine emulsion (20 ml) per 200 ml of water. Gradually the amount of emulsion should be increased to 60 ml. Bath taken within 10 minutes at a temperature of 37 ° C.