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Causes of prostatitis

Symptoms of acute prostatitis are increased body temperature, and frequent urination, accompanied by sharp pain and a weak pressure. In addition, symptoms of prostatitis are a burning sensation and pain in the perineal rectum during defecation avodart patent expiration. At the stage of purulent inflammation of the probability of spontaneous opening of the abscess and the expiration of pus from the urethra or the rectum.

Signs of chronic prostatitis becomes a burning sensation in the urethra and perineum, pus at the end of defecation or urination, fatigue and irritability of the body.

It is very dangerous for prostate difficulty urinating, which, if left untreated can lead to acute urinary retention.

Men should not ignore these indirect signs of prostatitis, as a full or partial reduction of libido, rapid ejaculation, sometimes painful, prolonged erections at night. All these characteristic symptoms of inflammation of the prostate, and even in step uncomplicated and amenable to adequate treatment.

If we talk about the visible manifestations, not even a specialist, in most cases, patients notice the clear or sometimes purulent discharge from the urethra, particularly noticeable in the mornings and in the urine of white flakes and threads.

Symptoms of prostatitis

The chronic form. Unlike the acute form, chronic form of prostatitis is asymptomatic and latent flows (that is, without the expressed characteristic features). The clinical picture is often worn with mild symptoms, patients do not pay enough attention to obvious discomfort and did not consider it necessary to seek medical help, confusing the symptoms of prostatitis with prostatic adenoma, which is extremely dangerous. Principles of treatment of these diseases are completely different, as well as possible complications with undesirable consequences.

Often, general health deterioration, problems with potency and breakdowns men blamed on fatigue and lack of rest, that is, people just do not want to know that he is sick and needs treatment. An important role in the early detection of this disease have annual check-ups, allowing the diagnosis at an early stage.

Chronic inflammation of the prostate is expressed in a transient, ill-defined pain in the perineum, in the pubic area and groin. As a rule, changing the duration of sexual intercourse, both in the direction of extension, and vice versa, and the brightness of sexual sensations. Urethral discharge occur, especially in the morning, or in the urine are diffuse white flakes.

Since the inflammatory process leads to the fact that narrows the lumen of the urethra, urination disorders occur, what men should pay attention in the first place: urine stream becomes weak, it may be a drop urination or difficulty in the beginning or at the end. The patients reported a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder or uncontrolled leakage of urine.

Inflammation irritates nerve endings, resulting in frequent urination, especially at night, usually in small portions. All these symptoms are clearly talking about the development of the pathological process and require immediate treatment to the doctor. Set the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment can only be a specialist. Unfortunately, under these symptoms may be hiding a terrible disease like prostate cancer.

Inflammation of the prostate gland at the time treatment is started, it does not lead to serious disturbances in the sexual sphere. However, if left untreated, often causes inhibition of sexual desire and infertility in men of reproductive age. Among the relatively frequent complications of treatment of prostatitis distinguish different secondary urinary tract infection, may develop chronic renal failure. No less dangerous bladder stones and develop acute urinary retention.

The disease progresses, covers the bladder - due to the deterioration of blood circulation is a violation of the outflow of urine and hardening of the walls of these pathological changes are irreversible.