Rosacea on the face

People who have too receptive skin, and it is able to react to different temperature conditions change. Itching, tingling, burning sensation in the nose area and in the area of ​​the cheeks. As a consequence of developing the disease, which is fraught with the appearance of red patches are constantly arising due to the fragility of the vessels.

What is rosacea on his face, and how to treat it? This is due to impaired circulation in the upper layers of the dermis. During stagnation capillaries with a constant load and presses the blood leads to the fact that they become brittle and fragile. A characteristic symptom of onset of the disease is the redness of some areas on the skin can you drink while on accutane. If you do not pay attention to it in time, in consequence of the capillaries burst, forming a mesh of blood vessels, called telangiectasia experts.


In addition to the problems at the genetic level, rosacea can be triggered by various factors, try to avoid them, and capillary blood flow is normal:beverages containing alcohol, especially red wine, provoking a vasodilatory effect; Give up smoking, it is detrimental to the blood supply system;do not eat too hot or spicy foods;Avoid sudden temperature changes - it does not bode well;protect yourself from sunlight, since ultraviolet light adversely affects the capillaries on the face;do not include in the diet of foods that are able to stimulate the body, such as coffee and hot chocolate;protect yourself from stress, they increase the pressure, and with it comes the disruption of blood vessels.

Remember, and never break the list - this can cause an unpleasant kind of spider veins. It is always easier to prevent disease than to kill time for treatment, trying to get rid of the problem.


What is rosacea on his face, and what caused his early appearance? This is the exact signal the body's predisposition to varicose veins or strokes. That is why it is so important to think about the prevention of this disease are not pleasant. To avoid capillary Veins Facial refuse alcohol drinks, constantly use moisturizers.

When go out, do not forget to protect your face from direct sunlight, use sunscreen. Eat right and then it is easy to avoid the hassles associated with this problem. Treatment of the disease in a good complex. It includes: vitamin therapy, masks and massages.