Schizophrenia as a legacy

Schizophrenia as a legacy myth or reality

Schizophrenia - a group of mental disorders associated with inappropriate emotional reactions, affective behavior, impaired perception and thought. An important feature of the disease - is not so much dementia, it seems many of the townsfolk as a violation of associative thinking and mental integrity advised to. The disease has a negative impact on the human capacity for social adaptation, his relationships with other people. Typical symptoms of schizophrenia - performance decrease, disorganization of thought and speech, hallucinations, auditory or visual, or fi paranoid delusional state.

Due to the fact that schizophrenia has a wide range of symptoms, many psychiatrists for a long time refused to recognize its single disease, believing that behind it lies a number of separate illnesses. Therefore, sometimes a disease called schizophrenia. As one of the reasons that develop schizophrenia, psychiatrists considered hereditary.

Causes of schizophrenia

Research the causes due to which the disease develops, maintained for decades. The assumption of scientists that schizophrenia is transmitted hereditary, caused a massive public psychosis in the 19th century. Thousands of people were executed or sterilized because of the diagnosis. Especially a lot of patients killed in Germany under the rule of Adolf Hitler. People with schizophrenia were found, they became victims of the Nazis developed a program for the killing "unfit" for the life of members of society. Subsequently, the causes and diagnosis of schizophrenia symptoms repeatedly revised, but it can not bring back the victims in the concentration camps of patients.

Can a cause of schizophrenia genetics

Until recently, the mechanism of the disease was unknown, but thanks to the development of science neuroscience, he gradually begins to become clear. It was found that schizophrenia is preceded by such pathogens as schizoid heredity, poor living conditions in childhood, social and psychological factors, neurobiological disturbances in the machine. Definitely argue that schizophrenia is inherited, that the appearance of the disease depends on whether their mother or father can not be suffered. At the same time it is impossible to categorically assert that schizophrenia develops as a consequence of brain injury in each case. Today actively investigated the neurobiological causes of the disease, but the only true mechanism of the disease has not yet been identified.

How schizophrenia affects heredity, scientists could not figure out until the end. Basically, low reliability of diagnostic results is related to the accounting problems of genetic factors and environmental impact on the patient's environment. As a rule, if schizophrenia is inherited, it is in its infancy, as an innate predisposition to the disease. The fact that schizophrenia, which became a cause schizoid mother or father, is shown as a function of stress factors entering from the environment. The theory that schizophrenia is inherited, it is passed the child's mother or father, it involves the simultaneous effects on human genetic, biological, environmental stress and psychological factors.

Despite that, it seems, scientists have not managed to establish a direct link between the disease and genetics, there are some documented information suggesting an affirmative answer to the hypothesis. Studies have shown that among twins, whose mother or father is sick, there is a high degree of predisposition to disease. This clearly indicates that schizophrenia is inherited. And, as a rule, it is passed to children's mother or other close relatives. Inheritance is rather complex. For the appearance of the disease need to connect together a huge number of factors and pathological processes, so that they subsequently evolved into schizophrenia.

Scientists have found that a person from the parents is transmitted not only schizophrenia, but also susceptibility to other disorders, such as for example biopolyarnoe. Recent studies carried out after studying the DNA of patients showed that the mother or father can transmit schizophrenia due to random mutations of several genes that cause the disease progresses. The mother can also pass a predisposition during pregnancy. Studies have shown that schizophrenia embryo often "get" because of cold infections experienced in prenatal period of its existence. According to medical statistics, schizophrenia often diagnosed in children born in spring or winter, when flu is most common, which, as it seems to scientists, is the cause of violations of fetal development.