Sexual health

Sexual health - the key to longevity

Many people consider sex as a source of pleasure and satisfaction of their basic needs. They do not even suggest that sex is inextricably linked to human health. It is expressed in such terms as "sexual health" arginine erectile dysfunction.

Sexual health is a fairly broad concept that refers to respect for his and others' sexuality, the ability to enjoy sexual intimacy and knowledge of their rights in the area of ​​sexual relations.

Sexual health is laid in early childhood, with the first question of the child, "What is sex?", "Why am I a boy and Dasha - a girl?", "Where are the children?". At this time, parents should be especially tactful and answer all questions about the baby. It is important to apply a positive example, what would the child formed a positive experience of the relationship between men and women. As the children grow up, parents need to provide them with information on diseases, sexually transmitted diseases and how to protect yourself and your partner from unwanted pregnancy.

Sex life of a man and a woman is the ideal, in terms of meeting their basic needs and desires. It has long been proven that people who regularly come into sexual contact, are long-lived. Sex has a positive effect on heart health and blood vessels, improves mood, reduces weight, reduces the possibility of occurrence of colds, improves the condition of the bladder. In addition, men who have 2-3 times a week sex, improves the condition of the prostate gland.