Water retention in the body can be caused by various reasons. It is worth noting that women face this problem much more frequently than men.

The second (after ovulation) half of the menstrual cycle, hormonal changes due to the intake of contraceptives, a good job is not enough kidneys, excessive salt intake, and even very small amount of liquid ingested each day can we recommend to buy lasix online lead to undesirable consequences. These reasons are the main but not the only ones possible.

To determine which is why it is a problem, it is necessary to consult a doctor and maybe take stock of your lifestyle.

Symptoms of water retention in the body often visible to the naked eye. It is necessary to pay attention to the excessive swelling, edema (even weak) of the face and the entire body, the difference in the appearance of the morning and evening. If in the morning your face looks "inflated", and in the evening it goes - you are dealing with a "walk" through the body fluid. Also, the likelihood of fluid retention in the body is, if you are using a diet and sports exercises trying to lose weight, and the weight is in place, although it should be declining. In this case, the missing kilos get the body by water.

So how do you get rid of excess water in the body? One option is radical enough: go to the drugstore and buy the appropriate preparations. They help the kidneys (which are responsible for the circulation of liquid) to cope with their work and at the same time launching a diuretic processes. But tablets should not be used too often, it can cause addictive banal: unlearn your body get rid of fluids alone.

If you want to use more natural and gentle method, first of all try to determine the reasons for the formation of excess water. For example, such a phenomenon is a side effect of most hormonal contraceptives. Or maybe you are experiencing chronic dehydration. Nowadays, few people drink a day allotted amount of water. According to doctors, the minimum fluid intake is one and a half liters for women and two for men. However, this rule is not suitable for people suffering from kidney disease. They should discuss separately the number of drinks per day of liquid with your doctor.

Another popular option - dehydration due to active physical exercise or sauna. Such dehydration locally, i.e. lasts for a few hours after the above action causes the body to move and in the stress mode, and to accumulate water at the first of its admission. Or maybe you just lean on the salt, preservatives, and a variety of spices?

Determine the cause, if possible, eliminate it as much allows your lifestyle. But in any case, is removable or not, you should:

1. Review your diet. Salt retains water in the body, so in the period of active to get rid of the problem, try not to salt the food at all. Also, remember that the salt contained in many products initially. Aside from water retention, the main component of salt - sodium - promotes the excretion of potassium from the body, which is extremely necessary to our hearts.

The water in the body can also accumulate due to consumption of any alcoholic beverage, sugar (in any form) and preservatives, which in most cases are rich in sodium. Conclusion: The food should be healthier. It will bring tangible benefits to the body.

2. Add natural food diuretics. Diuretic - a substance that accelerates diuretics processes in the body, including means and sweating. The most famous natural diuretics - watermelon, celery, red, yellow and green bell pepper, green tea, nettle, fennel, buckwheat, cucumber, beets. It is worth paying attention to the foods that speed up metabolism and introduction of toxins: carrots, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes. Excellent effect has dried apple peel, brewed with boiling water.

In short, lean on vegetables. They do not contain salt, and contribute to the removal of excess fluid from the body, partly due to the fiber, cleaning it of toxins.

3. Begin to take one of the quality of vitamin complexes. Another possible cause of fluid retention in the body - the lack of vitamins and amino acids, to which we need. When the cells in our end nutrients they can replace more than necessary amount of water. Be sure to pay attention to potassium and vitamins B (especially the lack of them strongly stimulates the accumulation of water in the tissues).

Furthermore, in the process of getting rid of excess body fluid will be "flushed", which means that in addition to the slag can be withdrawn and nutrients. Therefore, intake of vitamins in the period required for those who do not want to have problems with health and appearance.

4. Drink more water. Remember that it is best not to replace the water in other drinks, such as tea, juice, coffee or lemonade. Water is kind of the equivalent of all the substances in the body: adding sugar drink, and you hold your liquor. For example, soft drinks do not quench thirst, because they have more sugar than the liquid, which he "takes". Try to go to clean water and green tea. Over time, the body will get used and will begin to recognize the "real" drink only water, and then it will be easier to give up other beverages. Remember: your urine should always be clear, it's a sign of insufficient fluid intake.

5. Visit your doctor. The cause of your problem could be not only harmless salt in the body, but also to serious diseases such as food allergies, hypothyroidism (decreased thyroid function), hormone imbalances, poor performance of the liver, kidney or heart problems, and even diabetes. To exclude extremes, visit a specialist and hand over the necessary tests. Finally it should be noted that the emotional state and seriously affects the water retention. Depression, tension and stress contribute to it. So enjoy your life, more often to relax and do not hold a negative emotion.