Why we get fat

Why we get fat?

Every person who wants to lose weight, have their own explanation for why it is rapidly gain weight and lose weight very slowly. Genetic predisposition, impaired metabolism, age, sedentary lifestyle, a passion for "sweetie" and more is weight loss pills quite reasonable and clear justification. In fact, the main reason for rapid weight gain in most cases, is in violation of the balance of internal metabolic processes in the body (except for a genetic predisposition).

What does this mean? For all body functions to work properly, we constantly need nutrients and energy that comes from food. After all, what food? This, above all, the energy for every cell of our body. Consider the food you need from this point of view. However, the uncontrolled consumption of a wide variety of products leads to the fact that instead of having a set of relevant materials, we simply "zakarmlivaem" the body so many excess fats, proteins and carbohydrates that have nowhere else to go, but to create a layer of fat. Of the total amount of substances entering our body selects the most necessary, and all other "lays in reserve."

This is good if you take care to food present all the necessary trace elements. The balance is disturbed in the case where food monotonous and it is present in an amount greater than one thing - a protein or too much fat products with carbohydrates. If the body that something is missing, suffers internal organs and overall health deteriorates. Therefore, if you want to lose weight without dieting, you need to start eating right and reconsider its addiction to your favorite products.

The mechanism of weight loss without dieting and strenuous exercise

The weight loss without dieting is based on two main rules - a balanced diet and the consumption of fewer calories than the body needs. At first glance, it seems that comply with these rules is simple enough. However, very often, people make a lot of errors that nullify the "no" to all attempts to regain the slim beautiful body and, at the same time, do not lose health.

What are the main difficulties? The main difficulty, as always, are the extremes. Having set a clear goal - to lose weight at any cost, the person starts to sharply reduce the amount of calories, limiting themselves to food and drink. This is a very wrong approach, which is to watch out for. Your body will not be able to drastically restructure and "express" their dissatisfaction in unexpected ways (nervous disorders, skin rash, unpleasant painful symptoms in the stomach or intestines, etc.).

If you are really interested in long lasting, sustainable results begin to engage your body, consciously thinking about each step. Carefully consider the daily menu, which will be in harmony essential trace elements, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Calculate the minimum calorie intake and reduce them gradually.

To be sure in the selection of products, consult with a qualified nutritionist to help you find the right product basket and tell what high-calorie foods should be eliminated entirely, and which can be replaced with less harmful from your diet. Be sure to review your habits and make the appropriate conclusions. After all, the way of life that you led so far, has led you to be overweight, and as a result, and to have worsened health.

The sooner you begin to listen to your body, the faster will become slim, beautiful and cheerful person. Overweight always leads to problems in the cardiovascular field, disturbances in the locomotor system, in the genital area and in the respiratory system. Can we call such a full life? But you have all that is necessary to improve the quality of their lives.