Congratulations for showing the courage to overcome your social anxiety!
Folow the steps and get over your social anxiety and shyness.
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  • Social Anxiety Course

    Congratulations for showing the courage to overcome your social anxiety!

    Hi! Let me first congratulate you for showing the courage to get on this journey to overcoming your social anxiety.

    I know this was not easy but I know that you won’t be sorry. Now is the time to take your life in your hands and actually do something about it. It’s time to get over your social anxiety and begin to enjoy your life!

    So where should you start?

    On the left side you can see the menu that you should use to navigate through the course. Start with week one and proceed to the next week only after you are completely satisfied with your progress thus far.

    The program is designed in a step-by-step fashion so that it can be easy to follow.  I advise you not to skip the exercises and not to jump forward until you feel comfortable to make the next step.

    OK, let’s get started.

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